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                  May 18, 2001

                  Famous performing artist, special actor Jiang Jieshi actor cover laugh days to visit a village show.

                  July 24, 2001

                  Famous comic performance artist, comic master Ma Ji went to a village water air conditioning and the inscription "a village air conditioning for the benefit of the people."

                  August 16, 2001

                  A village water and air conditioning chairman Gao Shengtang and South Korean businessmen Jiang Shang seeking technical cooperation strategy.

                  January 16, 2007

                  A village water air conditioning was named "China's consumer market well-known brand reputation."

                  March 18, 2007

                  2007 annual meeting of the National Agents in Fengyang Hotel victory held.

                  April 26, 2007

                  "To strengthen cultural construction, shaping first-class corporate image" expert training will be a complete success. Chinese management master Professor Zeng Shiqiang speaker, the main leaders of the various departments and middle-level cadres to participate.

                  June 10, 2007

                  China's first cold water temperature air conditioning successfully off the assembly line. Filled the industry blank.

                  July 16, 2007

                  Organized by the Zibo City Sports Bureau, hosted by a village air conditioning in Shandong, "a village water air-conditioned Cup" table tennis match a complete success, which Zhang shop team won the championship, Zhoucun team runner-up.

                  August 20, 2007

                  "Will generate solar energy" R & D success, marking a village in the solar industry and access to new technological breakthroughs.

                  March 6, 2008

                  "Shandong University teaching and research practice base" award ceremony held in Zibo Hotel, Shandong University Vice President Tian Mao Cheng and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Secretary of Economic and Trade Bureau, a village water and air conditioning chairman Gao Shengtang ceremony for cutting ceremony.

                  April 16, 2008

                  A village water temperature air conditioning chairman Gao Shengtang and Shandong University Vice President Tian Maocheng guest Zibo TV "expert interview".

                  May 1, 2008

                  A village water temperature chairman Gao Shengtang to "4.28" large railway traffic accident victims donated, send 2 car mineral water. And advocated the public to carry forward the "one party is difficult, P Plus support" spirit, the common rescue victims. Dozens of media interviews and reports.

                  May 18, 2008

                  A village of all staff for the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake victims donations, worth more than 100 million.

                  June 16, 2008

                  Zibo municipal deputy secretary, mayor Zhou Qingli and other leaders inspected a village.

                  August 18, 2008

                  A village of water and air conditioning and Shandong University, the latest scientific research ----- micro-ecological plumbing air conditioning research and development success. Marking the field of energy saving and environmental protection is the birth of another upstart, is to replace the radiator, the inevitable trend of air conditioning.

                  September 7, 2008

                  Sponsored by the China Refrigeration Society, Zhoucun District Government, District Science and Technology Bureau, Economic and Trade Bureau, Shandong Province, a village water temperature air conditioning contractors, "China's first ground temperature water temperature air conditioning application technology forum" in Zhoucun District Government Hall victory held, "Zhoucun is the birthplace of water and air conditioning, a village water and air conditioning chairman Gao Zetang is the founder."

                  September 23, 2008

                  Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department Vice Minister Duan Xiaoqing inspected a village water air conditioning, party secretary Liu Huiyan, deputy secretary, mayor Zhou Qingli accompanied by inspection.

                  October 20, 2008

                  Zhoucun District Deputy Secretary, Mayor Han Kunshan made a special trip to visit a village water temperature air conditioning.

                  October 16, 2008

                  A village water and air conditioning chairman Gao Shengtang as the only guests to participate in the 22nd session of the Chinese refrigeration society above the Secretary-General meeting, water temperature air conditioning in the country's gratifying sales momentum and broad market prospects.

                  November 2, 2008

                  A village chairman Gao Shengtang and the United States Sikh refrigeration company general manager of Asia Ader Nagei reached a common development strategic alliance.

                  December 6, 2008

                  A village water temperature air conditioning second product and after-sales service training class to achieve a complete success.

                  In 2009 a village air conditioning to become "China Quality Miles" vice chairman of the unit.

                  In July 2009, Chairman Gao Shengtang was invited to attend the 2009 Annual Meeting of Refrigeration.

                  In October 2009, Zibo Municipal Committee Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor Wang Touqi rate related to the City Council leaders inspected a village air conditioning, Zhoucun District Party Secretary Han Kunshan accompanied by inspection.

                  October 2010 a village air conditioning in Shandong Province won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of small and medium enterprises

                  November 2010 China's second ground temperature water and air conditioning application science forum held in Zhoucun District Government Hall, a village chairman Gao Shengtang was named "China's low-carbon first person"

                  June 2011 a village air conditioning was "Zibo City Zhoucun energy-saving outstanding achievement award"

                  July 2011 Chairman Gao Lousang invited to attend the "2011 national refrigeration and refrigeration industry and refrigeration industry in Shandong Province annual meeting"

                  On September 8, 2011, Chairman Gao Lutang was invited to attend the Eighth Forum of Scientists in China. He was cordially received by the central leaders of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress, and at the opening ceremony of the 8th China Science Forum Make a chief speech

                  2012 9-village dual-energy dual-effect warm water air conditioning through the provincial identification as the international initiative, to the international advanced level

                  March 2012 won the Shandong Province patent award

                  April 2012 granted Gao Shengtang for Zhoucun District Fumin strong area labor medal

                  March 2013 Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award

                  In September 2013, he was appointed expert committee of Shandong Province Household Electrical Appliances Standardization Technical Committee

                  December 2013 won the national high-tech enterprises

                  In May 2014, he was appointed as the director of the Sixth Council of the Refrigeration Society

                  July 2014 won the Zibo City Energy Achievement Award

                  In January 2015 the company successfully listed in Shanghai

                  April 2015 "celebration of a village to send millions of gifts" activities started

                  April 2015 Shanghai TV first financial channel on-site coverage of the company listed

                  March 2016, vice president of the Chinese poetry association Li Wenchao (Major General) to inspect a village air conditioning

                  May 2016 dual-energy dual-effect air-conditioning technology won the US international invention patents

                  In September 2016, Professor Xiao Dahai, Vice Chairman of China Refrigeration Society visited a village air conditioning

                  October 2016 Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhou Yuan inspected a village air conditioning

                  November 2016 Zibo City Finance Bureau 2016 annual plan to support funds, a village air-conditioning on the list

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